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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

metroid love

Metroid Prime and Echo's were in my opinion without doubt the best video games of this generation. To put it differently... I LOVE 'EM!

If you can get over the motion sickness of the head-bob and learn a non standard control mechanism (for a first person game) then do yourself a favor and splash out on a GameCube (£40 if you haven't got one already) and the two games (£20 each) you won't regret it, it will be the best £80 you've spent in a long time.

If you need any more convincing then take some time out to watch this detailed video review by Gamespot... [Link]

However, anyone who's in need of a new fix can look forward to the new DS version out soon, which along with the Revolution version, brings 'proper' mouse-look to the console generation and I personally think this is going to be a big deal.

Not convinced? Then take a look at these (boy are we in for a treat)... [Link#1, Link#2]

microsofts slightly bigger than usual pda

Looks like there's some talk on the net about a hand held device that Microsoft are developing that will be all things to all people.

Unlike the PSP, this one has a touch screen and features an even bigger screen!

Oh and the rumor suggests it's play Halo too...

oblivion a 360 seller?

Last year I was as hyped about the Xbox 360 as anyone, I had the pre-order in place about 12 months in advance, clearance from the missus to buy it and everything was looking good.

All I needed was for MS to deliver. And guess what, as we all know, they didn't.

Bit by bit the games kept falling of the radar and little by little it was becoming apparent that most of the launch titles were either rushed or not going to make it.
The final nail in the coffin for me was finding out that I wouldn't be playing Oblivion on Christmas day, so I cancelled my pre-order and I haven't looked back since.

However, things are looking up now, it looks like Oblivion is more or less finished and finally the system seller (for me at least) may soon be upon us .

Check out the Links below... see what you think.

Monday, February 27, 2006

psp firmware 3.0 rumor

Looks like the PSP could be getting yet another firmware upgrade if the rumors are to be believed and let's face it, they're probably true if history is anything to go by.

Apparently Sony are going to tempt us into trying to use our PSP's for a spot of e-mailing etc. and some sort of Notepad facility. If this turns out to be true, as a PSP owner I'm sure I'm not alone in wondering why Sony feel the need to dilute the systems focus even further.

I didn't buy it to be a PDA, a GPS device, a movie player, a mobile video camera, or even an oversized MP3 player. I bought it because it has so much potential as a powerful portable games machine and yet, if these latest rumors are true, it would seem that Sony is becoming less interested in the one thing most people bought it for... GAMES!

You can read some more about firmware 3.0 and see a few screenshots by following the links below...

think your clever - try this

Just when you've gone and grasped Tetris or Soduko along comes something that completely blows your mind: The Magic Cube!

Really, if you've time to figure this one out within a single lifetime then chances are you're not from this planet, even one of the FAQ's asks:

'If it's so hard to solve, then why should I even bother with it?'

From what I can gather it's a four-dimensional Rubik's cube and although it might be impossible it 's still something quite interesting to play with (if you like this sort of thing) and you can find it here...

Oh and if anyone fancies something a little less cerebral then this is pretty good too...

dual screen radio - feb 25th

Dual Screen Radio is an online downloadable radio show (MP3) produced by Shane R. Monroe and Chris Hentschel and it comes out every couple of weeks or so. If you're like me and you love all things Nintendo DS then check it out.

This weeks episode focuses on the DS Lite, Resident Evil DS, Opera Web browser and a load of other stuff.


45 minute nes flashback

Once and a while you get to see something that makes you want to head down to the nearest carboot sale and spend a tenner on an old game system like a 2600 or a NES.

This weekend I came upon one such thing in the form of a 45 minute video on Gamespot's website called 'NES flashback' where they're celebrating the 20th anniversary of the NES over in the USA. The video covers some of the best games of the time, the light gun, the Power Glove and of course ROB the robot.

I think I was about 15 years old when I got a NES for Christmas and I still boot the emulator up on the PSP from time to time to play Mario or Mega Man... ah... those were the days eh?

Anyway, here's the link...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

one small step

You know, for some time now I've been thinking of putting together a Blog to talk about my favorite pastime… video games. From about the age of eight, games have been quite a significant passion for me and even now twenty-five years later I'm as obsessed as ever with the goings on in the industry and of course the games themselves…

So with this in mind here we are at the start of a new Blog, one that is by no means a giant leap for the gaming community but perhaps at the very least it will be a window into the opinions of a thirty-something gamer who's just as excited about Half Life's physics engine as the next gaming geek.

Anyhow here's something to make all the Nintendo DS owners out there smile and perhaps even a few Sony PSP owners (like myself) smile because we've been there so many times....