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Thursday, March 09, 2006

busy day - thursday roundup

Well today has been a bit of a busy day, so I've decided to just do the one post on various bits and bobs...

Ok, so what have we got... ah yes...

The Origami is now out in the open and for everyone to see, and as we all suspected it's big, slightly clunky and the battery life is terrible... oh and it runs Windows XP, great! (or maybe not)


Shigeru Miyamoto will be appearing on allowing fans to ask him questions about the new Mario game, due to appear on the DS soon. The webchat will be available to download at 8pm (GMT) on the 17th of March from here...


Perhaps I should ask him how likley am I to get an imported DS Light this month?

Couple of things over on Eurogamer. The TV section has some more footage of the Metroid game coming to the DS. This game looks like a cracking shooter but I'm starting to get the feeling that I'll be disappointed with this game. After 3 years of playing 'shoot me in the face' over XBox Live I don't think I could face another mindless FPS. I really hope Nintendo haven't neglected the single player game.


Also they've done a pretty hefty review of EA's Fight Night game for the 360 and according to them it actually looks as good as the demo's EA were showing at E3 last year! But wait for this right... the game is damn good too, which is even more surprising, especially after the rather disappointing FIFA and Tiger Woods EA launched with the 360.


IGN have an editorial on the Nintendo Revolution, it's a good read and I always enjoy an editorial.


And last but not least, it looks like we'll get to hear something about the PS3 next week even thought it's probably just an announcement to tell everyone that it won't be ready for April.



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