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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

can the revolution cause a revolution?

GamesIndustry.Biz has an interesting article on Nintendo and the struggle they may face in the coming year to regain some market share. The article shares the opinions of some industry bods and it does make you think about some of the problems that they face.

The comment below struck a chord:

"Nintendo will have to rely heavily on experiential marketing. Sitting the Revolution in-store alongside other consoles is not going to show its advantages."



At Tue Mar 07, 02:41:00 pm GMT, Blogger ovig said...

One thing surprised me about the article: the Revolution controler is not seen as that big an advantage, justified by the fact that if it turns out to be a system selle, it would be easy for Sony/Microsoft to emulate. Without even going into patents and copyright issues, if one thing has been proven clearly by Microsoft in the 4th-gen, it's that having a built-in service (Xbox Live) completely integrated with your console gives you a tremendous advantage over a similar service only provided on an ad-hoc basis (Internet connection on the PS2, operating differently for every game you play). Now transpose that in the new generation of consoles, and the revolution coming as standard with a wireless wand-style controler will have a big advantage over any similar controler for the Xbox-360 or PS3. The argument would stand for the next-next gen, but Revolution will always be a step ahead of XBox-360 and PS3 in this respect.


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