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Friday, March 03, 2006

think i'm going to cry

Looks like my DS lite pre-order is going to arrive a little later than expected... ah well...

Dear Gareth,

this e-mail is intended to give you an update about your recently placed
Nintendo DS Lite preorder (Order Number #######).

Before reading further, we recommend you to check out today's Nintendo DS
Lite news update, which contains background information, image galleries
and more:

As for every new hardware release, the situation for dealers such as
Play-Asia is never fully predictable in advance. Even though we are trying
hard to fulfill all preorders on or before release at the previously
announced price, availability and pricing are subject to final supply &
demand. The very first Nintendo DS Lite units were offered to us within
the last 2 days at prices ranging from US$ 250 to US$ 300, leaving us no
choice but to further keep an eye on the market situation during the next
few days until prices will go down to reasonable levels.

Nintendo has announced to ship a total of 450,000 Nintendo DS Lite units
during the month of March, along with 200,000 old Nintendo DS models. Even
though prices are high, they have constantly been dropping during the last
2 days and indications were given that units will be priced significantly
below the US$ 200 mark in the following week.

We will automatically start shipping all preorders once supply is
available to meet our current preorder price. All orders will be shipped
on first come, first served basis. The earlier you have preordered, the
higher will be the chance to receive a shipping notification e-mail
already during the very next couple of days. If your order is not ready to
ship within the next week, we will send you another e-mail update
explaining the current situation.

We understand that some customers might feel frustrated or annoyed by the
situation (so are we!), but we appreciate patience brought along for a few
days until the market situation has cooled down. Of course, cancellations
are possible at any time. Customers who paid by credit card are able to
carry out cancellations online in their customer account. If you have
already paid your order (by PayPal, bank payment, etc.), please approach
our customer service for details.

Once again we apologize for the unforeseen situation and hope for your
continued support.

Your Play-Asia Customer Service


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